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Welcome to Cable and Devices

Cable & Devices is a leading provider of IT solutions and services to business and public sector organizations. Cable & Devices has operations across UK and online presence in USA and UAE region.

With over 10 years of experience and a portfolio of over 50,000 information technology products from all of the leading manufacturers, Cable & Devices is an independent supplier, offering great deals for consumers, businesses and public sector organizations.

The Corporate Sales are one of the C&D’s biggest assets; here to share their expert advice and ensure that your IT products reach your business on time, ever time, helping you to free up internal resources and concentrate on your core business.

Our commitment towards 100% customer satisfaction, competitive pricing and strict quality management policies has given us direction towards the unprecedented growth Cables and Devices aspires to provide top of the line customer care services, optimizing our purchasing channels. To further differentiate our services, we have revamped our operating culture by adopting management tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales & Distribution Management (SDM); and Technology Management (TM).

C&D’s core focus is on Infrastructure, Networking and Storage equipment. Our industry leading relationships with key vendors and commitment to service delivery, we are leaders of providing networking products and solutions across UK.

C&D’s is partnering with some of the world's renowned technology manufacturers which gives us an edge to offer you the latest technology solutions that fits the your ever evolving needs.

Our solutions, no matter how complex, will be supported by our experts during your research, purchase, execution and support cycle. Our experts will guide you through the specifications and cost efficiencies while providing a high level of customer support.

We have successful long term relationships with a wide range of customers which represent a range of market verticals.